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As you walk down Karolinenstrasse in the Bamberg Altstadt you may come across an old building that certainly sounds like it is (or was) a brewery: Bamberger Hofbräu. The name had always intrigued me because the literal translation is along the lines of "Court Brewery." But Bamberg has not had a Royal court in the usual sense of the word. Until 1803 Bamberg and most of Franconia was ruled by a "Prince Bishop" of the Catholic church. The Archbishop of Bamberg not only had great ecclesiastical power, he was also the civil ruler of the Principality. In 1803 the Bavarians invaded and conquered Franconia and thereafter it was ruled from Munich (Napolean gave the Bavarians his approval as thanks for helping him against the Austrians

Stoneware Saltglaze German Stein. Ships USPS Priority Mail. Any Flaws will be seen in Pictures. All Sales are Final.

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