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Aldersbacher’s history begins in 1268. At that time, the beer did not leave the walls of the monastery, but it’s reputation grew. By the 16th century, Aldersbacher was well known throughout Bavaria and the monks went to work expanding the brewery and planting a hop farm.

In 1803, the monastery was closed and in 1811 both it and the brewery were sold to the Baron von Aretin. Over the intervening centuries, the brewery has been improved and modernized and now produces 13 different beers. It is still in the family today, owned and operated by Ferdinand Freiherr von Aretin. Aldersbacher is a local success now reaching wider markets in export.


Stoneware Saltglaze German Stein. Ships USPS Priority Mail. Any Flaws will be seen in Pictures. All Sales are Final.

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