B&G's Christmas in Greenland - 1972

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Motif: Christmas in Greenland
Designed by: Henry Thelander
Diameter: 7" - 18 cm
Type: Christmas plate
1972 Bing & Grondahl Christmas plate, designed
by Henry Thelander, depicts 2 villagers on
their dog sleigh on their way home to their
village for Christmas.
Greenland, which is part of the Danish
Kingdom,has home rule. Greenland is the
world's largest island,with very few
inhabitants, only app. 56.000, living in
the coastal areas of Greenland.
Part of Greenland, as for instance Thule,
lies north of the Artic Circle, and has artic
nights for 4 months every year.
The length of the day during winter varies
as to which part of Greenland we are
talking about,but in every place in
Greenland, days are short in winter.


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