Consigning With Us

Why Consign With Us?

  • Free Listing
  • Curated & Composed Products
  • Verified Buyers
  • Facilitated Shipping
  • Standard Payments





We will handle everything! From Shipping and receiving to marketing and advertising we've got the skills and drive to make your item a seller. We not only list here on our site, but various other marketplaces depending on quality and other defining characteristics of your item.  You can be as hands-on/off as you like, I will respond to any question within a reasonable amount of time.  

Our standard fee is 45%.  If you have a high-end item, or maybe you want to negotiate a different percentage, we are always open to discussion.

To start, shoot us an email at that includes:

  • A full description of your item, please include any family history/story. It matters!
  • Pictures that accurately shows all sides, top to bottom. Please do not use any filters or specialized lighting.
  • What you believe what it's worth or how much you pad for it and when.
From there we will inspect the item, do a bit of research and see if it's a good fit for our shop.  We will reply within a day or so with our Consignment Contract if we believe it to be a good fit. This includes marketing plan, research, valuation, and where we will list, as well as important dates. 

    Once the Contract is signed we get to work.  We will send you a pre-paid shipping label to have it sent into the shop so we can clean up, measure, photograph, and list your item.  

    Thank you for considering us.  We look forward to working with you!